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Kyrgyzstan still lacks affordable housing

There is a shortage of affordable housing in Kyrgyzstan. The Deputy Prime Minister Sanzhar Mukanbetov said this at a meeting of SDPK parliamentary faction.

According to him, the housing stock totals 1,300 million units. And the number of people in need is growing, 428 families do not have their own living space. Deterioration of housing is 40 percent.

As of today, as the official noted, 2,747 mortgage loans have been issued. Since the beginning of 2018, 309 people have been provided with apartments.

Sanzhar Mukanbetov stressed that the housing stock should be increased. Funds are provided for these purposes. About 50 million soms are invested annually in the construction of economy class houses.

Sanzhar Mukanbetov added that it is necessary to put into operation 6 million square meters of housing at the rate of one square meter per person.