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Kyrgyzstan complains of difficulties in exports of goods to Europe

«Within the framework of the meeting of the Subcommittee on Trade and Investment, Kyrgyzstan and the European Union discussed the problems in the export of goods from Kyrgyzstan to Europe,» the Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Nurlan Abdrakhmanov said at a briefing today.

According to him, during the talks the sides discussed topical issues of bilateral trade and participation of Kyrgyzstan in GSP + program. The Kyrgyz side told about the ongoing reforms aimed at attracting investments, including from the European Union countries, and investment opportunities of the country. Issues of accreditation of laboratories and products certification were discussed.

«The Kyrgyz side informed the EU delegation about the work on the implementation of the WTO agreement on trade facilitation. In addition, the European side was provided with information on changing the tariff obligations of Kyrgyzstan in the WTO, taking into account the membership of the republic in the Eurasian Economic Union. The dialogue on trade and economic cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and the European Union will continue, including in the framework of negotiations on a draft agreement on enhanced partnership and cooperation,» stressed Nurlan Abdrakhmanov.