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Zamira Sydykova comments on detention of her son in USA

Zamira Sydykova, editor-in-chief of the newspaper ResPublica, commented to 24.kg news agency on detention of her younger son Tengiz in the USA.

According to her, yesterday, the apartment of one of the detained in Virginia, Eldar Rezvanov, was unexpectedly searched. When Tengiz Sydykov went to police station, the police detained him.

«In fact, the news of the detention of Kyrgyzstanis in the US has not been confirmed. Yes, there is also my son among the detainees. But no charges have been brought against the detainees. Perhaps, his detention is connected with another person mentioned in the news,» Zamira Sydykova said.

My son is not engaged in firearms smuggling and has nothing to do with this business. He works in an IT company

Zamira Sydykova

Zamira Sydykova told that earlier Tengiz had rented an apartment with Eldar Rezvanov, but he does not live in it, because he moved.

When Eldar Rezvanov was detained, Tengiz Sydykov went to the police station to find out what had happened to his acquaintance. However, the police also detained him only on the grounds that Tengiz Sydykov lived with the suspect in one apartment.

Zamira Sydykova expressed her confidence that the situation would be resolved in the very near future and Tengiz would be released.