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Kyrgyzstan does not control prices for medicines

Kyrgyzstan is not able to control the pricing of medicines. The Deputy Director of the Drug Provision Department of the Ministry of Health, Ruslan Akmatov, told today at a round table discussion.

According to him, medicines for 14,071,555 billion soms were delivered to the republic in 2017.

«We are often asked why the state does not regulate prices. But this mechanism is not set anywhere in the laws. In the new law on the circulation of medicines, the powers will be transferred to the Ministry of Health, and a government order will regulate the prices of drugs from the list of vital medicines. However, even in this case, no one can guarantee that the drugs will be delivered at a fixed price. We are an import-dependent country, we import 97 percent of the medicines. Of course, we can set a price, but we can not guarantee that the companies will import medicines with such prices,» said Ruslan Akmatov.