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Turkey to allocate $ 19 million for salaries to staff of new hospital in Bishkek

The press center of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic distributed the first version of the agreement with the Turkish side on the hospital of the Kyrgyz-Turkish friendship in Bishkek.

Earlier, the deputies said that the agreement was revised, and the first version of the document was lost.

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency under the Office of the Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic (TIKA), the Bishkek City Administration and the Ministry of Health signed the agreement on April 1, 2016. It is stipulated that the Turkish side will cover all expenses for construction and equipment and will transfer the hospital building to the municipal property of Bishkek after completion of construction and commissioning.

The City Administration is obliged to lay engineering networks and transfer the building of the hospital to the Ministry of Health for urgent gratuitous use.

The agreement itself mainly deals with construction issues. The ministries of health of the two countries must sign a protocol on the status of the hospital, which will determine the principles and rules for its management.

«The medical institution during the period of validity of this protocol will be under joint management. The project agreement has not a single word about the timing of the use of the hospital by the Turkish side. An agreement between the two governments on the opening, joint management and transfer of the Bishkek hospital is currently under consideration. It stipulates that the hospital will be used together for the first three years after the introduction, then the Turkish side will continue monitoring and coordination for three years,» the Ministry of Health noted.

In addition, the Turkish side allocates $ 19 million for three years to pay salaries to the staff, and the rest of the funds will be transferred to the hospital’s account.

The utilities costs will be paid from the hospital budget, that is, at the expense of the Turkish side.

The construction of the facility is finished, now the installation of equipment, furniture, the process of opening accounts for payment of utilities is in full swing.