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Gasoline grows in price by 1 som for month and a half in Kyrgyzstan

Gasoline has been rising in price in Kyrgyzstan since early January. Fuel and lubricants grew in price by an average 1 som. The last increase occurred this week.

So, AI 95 gasoline grew by 0.9-1 som. The biggest increase is observed for gasoline AI 92: 0.6-1.2 soms. Diesel fuel increased in price by 0.7-1 som.

«The increase amounted, as we expected, to 4-6 percent. This is due to higher sale prices at refineries in Russia. We can not say so far how much the fuel will cost in March. We have not yet received pricing from refineries of the Russian Federation,» Ulan Kulov, General Manager of the Association of Oil Traders, commented on the situation to 24.kg news agency.