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Over 3 million men live in Kyrgyzstan

A little more than 3 million men live in Kyrgyzstan. The National Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic voiced such data on the eve of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland.

Two-thirds of the male population of the republic are villagers. And only every seventh man lives in Bishkek.

«The employment rate of men of working age is 76 percent. The average age of employed man is 37 years. Every sixth man employed in the economy of the country is at the age of 25-29,» the committee noted.

Men prefer to marry at the age of 20-29. The average age of the first marriage of a man is 27.1 years, the second — 40.2 years.

«For a long period of time, the proportion of men in the total population of the republic remains unchanged — 49.5 percent. The number of men in the republic at the beginning of 2017 was just over 3 million,» the National Statistical Committee noted.