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Experts forecast breakdowns in energy sector of Kyrgyzstan

Breakdowns in the energy sector of Kyrgyzstan will continue. Nikolay Kravtsov stated at a meeting of the interdepartmental commission to investigate the causes of the breakdown at the Bishkek Heating and Power Plant.

According to him, there was coal dust for two fingers in the boiler room. «One match and everything will flare up. No one even thinks, everyone has accepted that it should be so. The breakdown was inevitable,» said Nikolay Kravtsov.

He remembered the past large breakdowns in the power system.

«In 2012, there was a failure at Kurpsai HPP. The cause is still not determined. A power cable and a communication cable were laid in one cable channel in violation of all norms. As far as I know, this violation is not eliminated. Six years have passed since that time. In 2014, a transformer broke down at Toktogul hydropower plant after repairs. In 2015, there were two more failures. Toktogul HPP fell to zero with the loss of its own needs. I told about this to Aibek Kaliev. Nothing was done, the breakdown repeated again. We do not draw conclusions to prevent breakdowns,» said Nikolay Kravtsov.