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World Bank notes high level of education of Kyrgyz citizens

The Prime Minister held a working meeting to discuss the strategy of cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and the World Bank for 2018-2023.

As the press service of the government reported, Sapar Isakov noted the special importance of the effectiveness of joint work with international partners for the development of the domestic economy.

Lilia Burunciuc, the WB Regional Director for the Central Asia Region stressed that in the forthcoming period it is necessary to use all available opportunities to ensure the growth of the country’s economy. According to her, Kyrgyzstan has great potential in various spheres.

«First of all, these are people. It should be noted that the level of education of the population in comparison with other countries with an equivalent income per capita is quite high. Secondly, it is the reserves of hydro resources, which offer great opportunities in the energy sector. In addition, Kyrgyzstan has a beautiful nature, which is the basis for the dynamic development of tourism in the country,» Lilia Burunciuc said.

She also noted the great potential of domestic agriculture. The WB Regional Director stressed that the conducted studies showed that the production of agricultural producers of the Kyrgyz Republic corresponds to the demand of the nearest large consumption markets, such as China.

According to Lilia Burunciuc, all these are prerequisites for a more dynamic development of the country’s economy.

According to Sapar Isakov, work has begun to reform a number of sectors of the domestic economy, including the tax system and the digitization of government agencies.