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Budget receives about 10 billion soms from mining industry

In 2017, the mining industry of Kyrgyzstan paid to the budget 9,861,212.7 billion soms in taxes. The Mining and Metallurgical Trade Union of the country reported.

The organization noted that the mining industry provides more than 8.5 percent of Kyrgyzstan’s GDP, more than 50 percent of the country’s industrial production and exports, and more than 15 percent of tax revenues.

After the launch of production at Jerooy (88.2 tons of gold reserves), Kuru-Tegerek (39.2 tons) and Chaarat (5.6 tons) fields in 2018, payments to the budget will increase substantially.

«In 2019-2023, about ten other fields — Shambesai (7.8 tons), Terekkan-Perevalnoye-Terek (16.4 tons), Shiraldzhin (2.9 tons), Unkur-Tash (38.06 tons), Andash (19.5 tons), Togolok (17.3 tons) and other will join them. This will also increase revenues to the budget, the union noted.

The organization stressed that the activities of mining enterprises create new jobs not only in the industry itself, but also in serving industries and contracting organizations.

«The launch of new enterprises and the creation of jobs reduces the level of internal and external migration, unemployment. The development of the mining and metallurgical industry directly influences the social, economic and the political situation in the country,» the trade union said.