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Representative of ex-president demands to put up property of Naryn Aiyp for sale

The representative of the ex-president of the country Almazbek Atambayev, Nurbek Sydykov, demands to put up the apartment of journalist Naryn Aiyp for sale. Representatives of the state prosecution have the same demands. They stated this in court today.

According to the state prosecution, Naryn Aiyp refuses to voluntarily execute the court’s decision. Judicial executors can count only on a third of the living space owned by a journalist. The other two parts belong to his mother and a sister.

«The defendant did not want to comply with the court’s decision. Therefore, we ask you to put up for sale the real estate to secure the claim. The defendant not only lives, but also is registered at this address,» Nurbek Sydykov said.

Journalist Naryn Aiyp explained that the apartment belongs not only to him, but also to his mother and sister. He owns only one third of the housing.

«We could not pay, because the prosecution did not provide us with any accounts where we could transfer money. We have a sum. Colleagues from some media transferred a one-day salary to support us, and people brought cash to the editorial office. We do not know where to transfer this money,» Naryn Aiyp explained to the court.

According to the state prosecution, the cost of the share of the journalist in the apartment will be determined at an open auction.

«My share in this apartment will not cover the recovered amount. So, it will be necessary to pay more. But at the same time, the court does not agree to payment in installments or deferment of payment of the claim, because the amount is impracticable,» said Naryn Aiyp.

The Prosecutor General Indira Dzoldubaeva, filed a lawsuit against Cholpon Dzhakupova, Naryn Aiyp and Dina Maslova in April, demanding to recover 12 million soms in favor of President Almazbek Atambayev. The Prosecutor General insisted on ban to leave the country for the defendants.