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Scratches, dents. Ministry of Health tells about new ambulances

The Ministry of Health told about flaws in new ambulances, donated to Kyrgyzstan by Germany.

According to the ministry, the supply contracts were signed on March 24, 2017. The cars were to be delivered by June 22, and put into operation until July 22.

The Kyrgyz side received a letter from Dutch Health BV (the Netherlands) on May 2 with the information that it could deliver only a part of the cars by June 30, and the rest — due to «structural difficulties in re-equipment» — later on. As another reason for the delay the supplier indicated the month of Ramadan, during which labor productivity is allegedly declining in the UAE (the country where the plant for re-equipment of cars is located.)

No cars were put into operation by August 7, 2017.

Pre-shipment vehicle inspection took place in the UAE in September. Then the defects were detected, the supplier undertook to eliminate them before shipment. The transport arrived in lots from November 8 through November 27.

The created commission found a number of inconsistencies in the technical parameters of the vehicles when inspecting them.

The length of the body of Hyundai Porter cars exceeds the parameter specified in the contract by almost 1 meter, and the height of the medical cabin of Toyota Heiss cars is lower than the required one by 25 cm. Toyota Hilux does not have a stationary oxygen supply system, and so on.

In addition, some cars have mechanical damages on the body (scratches, dents).

The Kyrgyz Ministry of Health cannot accept cars in such a state. The supplier was required to bring the vehicles in line with the contracts. Elimination of inconsistencies may take several months.

The German Development Bank was notified of the problems. It was offered to consider the issue of penalties to the supplier.