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Kyrgyzstan offers to fine for cigarette butts, sunflower seeds under new law

It is proposed to fine those who scatter «small garbage» in Kyrgyzstan. Amendments to the Code of Administrative Responsibility were submitted for public discussion.

A fine of twenty calculated rates (2,000 soms) is proposed for throwing candy wrappers, cigarette butts, bottles and other small garbage on the streets, parks, squares, yards of multi-apartment houses and other public places. The same punishment is offered for road users for scattering garbage and other items on the road.

The bill is designed to improve the appearance of cities and other settlements, create more favorable conditions for life and health of people.

«Common areas, parks, squares and streets are littered with husks from sunflower seeds, cigarette butts, wrappers, plastic bags and other small garbage, yards of multi-stored apartment buildings are littered with household garbage. On the part of society, there is no adequate reaction to what is happening, local authorities do not cope with the problem. Up to date, the general culture of our society is in decline, for most of the citizens throwing of garbage in unauthorized places is a normal phenomenon,» background statement says.

According to the initiators of the bill, the experience of many countries shows that setting of large fines for garbage scattering in unauthorized places reduces the number of such offenses.

The initiator of the bill is a deputy of Republika-Ata Jurt faction Makhabat Mavlyanova.