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Kyrgyzstan revokes 19 licenses for use of subsoil resources

The Commission of the State Committee for Industry, Energy and Subsoil Use has revoked 19 licenses for the right to use subsoil. The license of one more company, which extracts alluvial gold in Osh region, was suspended for a month. The press service of the State Committee for industry, Energy and Subsoil Use reported.

It was noted that majority of the companies, licenses of which were canceled, were engaged in extraction of sand and gravel mixture (7 companies) and clay loam (6 companies). The majority of licenses were revoked from enterprises engaged in mining operations in Chui (8) and Jalal-Abad regions (7 companies).

The commission also considered applications for granting the right to use subsoil. Proposals of 21 companies were denied. The State Committee will negotiate with other 14 companies over issue of a license for the right to use subsoil. Consideration of three more applications was postponed