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Torture problem in Kyrgyzstan remains acute

Despite all the actions taken by the country’s leadership to prevent torture, the problem remains acute. The director of the National Center for Torture Prevention Nurdin Sulaimanov stated.

«In 2017, we received 217 applications, 104 of which — for the use of torture, 25 — for ill-treatment. 95 percent of the statements concerned torture in the Ministry of Internal Affairs system, 8 percent — in the GKNB facilities, and 1 percent — in the Penitentiary System. Criminal cases have been opened on two applications,» he told.

According to the Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan Kubat Otorbaev, the solution of the problem requires an integrated approach — starting from the investigation and ending with the decisions of the courts.

«Without reform of state bodies, torture can not be eradicated. Much depends on how much the state is interested in fighting them. The Kyrgyz authorities are doing a great job in this direction. The establishment of the National Center is proof of this. But it is necessary to complete the reform of law enforcement and judicial bodies,» he said.

Kubat Otorbaev noted that there are few facts when such crimes were deservedly punished. In addition, there are certain shortcomings in the legislation. The Institute of Ombudsman has collected its recommendations in a special report.