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Russia's MFA: Incorrect to talk about decorativeness of Russian language in KR

«It’s hardly correct to talk about the decorativeness of the Russian language. Let me remind you that the Constitution of Kyrgyzstan assigns it the status of official language,» said Alexander Sternik, Director of the Third CIS Department of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Russia in an interview with RIA Novosti.

«It’s another matter that the country is developing its native language as a state language. By 2020, office work will be completely switched to the Kyrgyz language and civil servants from 2018 are required to undergo state language testing,» the official said.

We, of course, draw our partners’ attention to the fact that the unique bilingualism in Kyrgyzstan is not just a cultural value, but also a powerful instrument of integration into the Eurasian economic and humanitarian space.

Alexander Sternik

«Without knowledge of the Russian language, the opportunities for obtaining education and labor activity not only in Russia, but also throughout the CIS, where it, in fact, serves the lingua franca, would be sharply reduced. Well, why cut the branch? According to our Kyrgyz friends, these processes are in no way aimed at infringing the Russian language,» the representative of the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry said.

«We see for ourselves that the role of language preserves so far. More than a half of the population of Kyrgyzstan uses the Russian language in everyday communication. 170,000 people (this is more than 70 percent of all students) are educated in Russian at universities in their country. If I’m not mistaken, there are more than 200 schools with Russian as the language of study. They are attended by 130,000 schoolchildren (about 12.5% ​​of the total number). Almost 17,000 Kyrgyz students are studying in Russia,» said Alexander Sternik.

In addition, he noted that the country broadcasts many Russian TV channels and publishes newspapers. «A lot of Kyrgyz media are also published in Russian,» the representative of the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry reminded.