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Famous football coach from Netherlands shares experience with Kyrgyzstanis

A well-known football coach from the Netherlands Arno Pijpers shared his experience with the Kyrgyzstanis.

Pijpers came to the Kyrgyz Republic with his brother, also a coach, at the invitation of the national trade union of football players in cooperation with Abdysh-Ata football club. The coach is 58 years old. In different years, he headed the national teams of Kazakhstan and Estonia, the teams Astana, Taraz (both from Kazakhstan), Flora (Estonia) and a number of clubs in his homeland.

Arno Pijpers noted that in October-November 2017 Emil Kenzhisariyev and Rustam Dzhanybayev from the trade union of the Kyrgyz football players asked him to come. «At that time, I could not, but promised to do it in 2018, if there is an opportunity. And here I am. For me it’s a chance to meet friends and contribute to your football. I was warmly welcomed, worked in a friendly atmosphere,» said Arno Pijpers. «I have known Emil since 2006. I then trained in Kazakhstan, and he, young and talented, came to our team.»

The Pijpers visited Abdysh-Ata football club: they got acquainted with the infrastructure, conducted a master class for football players and a seminar for coaches. «This is a team with young players and good potential. They want to play modern football,» said Arno Pijpers. «I’m pleased with the work we have done.»

He added that he discussed with local experts the secrets of the game of the famous clubs Barcelona and Manchester City. «The coaches asked very deep questions. At the moment, you do not have enough experience in studying the modern style of the game,» said Arno Pijpers.

«We also visited the Football Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic. Its resources are limited, but there are ambitions to develop this sport. Perhaps in May I will come back here and share my knowledge not with one club, but with all the clubs of the federation,» he added.

The specialist also presented his forecast for the World Championship, which will be held in June-July in Russia. In his opinion, the favorites include Germany and France. The Brazilians can successfully perform if they learn a lesson from their results at 2014 World Cup, as well as the Argentinians and the Spaniards. «As for the Russian national team, in the last two years it has shown not very good quality of the game. If you hold such an event, you need to prepare for it 8-10 years before the start,» the coach noted.