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Osh market fire victims promised compensation

Salespeople, who suffered from a fire in Osh market, were promised a compensation. The head of the Lenin district of Bishkek Nurdin Tynaev informed 24.kg news agency.

«From the first day of the fire, we were with entrepreneurs and invited them to the administration the next day. We talked with Seytek market leadership and the fire victims. The head of Seytek, Cholpon Toichubekova, does not refuse compensation for damage. They have contracts with salespeople,» the official said.

Even if it is not money, they will try to provide compensation in the form of trade places for rent for a year or two.

Nurdin Tynaev

«Many fire victims say they have loans in banks. Today we will be provided with an accurate list. At the level of the mayor’s office, we will meet with the leadership of banks and talk about financial indulgences, lowering interest rates and so on. We will do everything possible, we will help,» the head of the district assured.

The fire in Osh market occurred on January 30. In total, according to official data, 118 trading places burnt down.