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Kyrgyzstan’s PM ready to bear responsibility for Bishkek HPP breakdown

The Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sapar Isakov is ready to bear responsibility for the breakdown at the Bishkek Heating and Power Plant. He said this today at the session of the Parliament.

«I do not disclaim responsibility. Power engineers told me about the work done before the heating season. However, the government is also responsible,» Sapar Isakov said.

He added that the power specialists could not immediately determine the cause of the breakdown.

«There was no feed water. The pump showed norm. It was launched, and mud appeared in it. I have a question: was it checked during the work? Have they repaired it? Where does the dirt come from? While the pump was cleaned, the boilers froze. There were reserves. But a failure occurred at their launch,» the Prime Minister explained.