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Sapar Isakov apologizes to residents for situation in Bishkek

The Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sapar Isakov addressed the residents of Bishkek in connection with the situation at the Bishkek Heating and Power Plant. Public Relations and Media Department of the government reported.

«I understand the whole gravity of the situation and what the citizens have to experience in these difficult days. As the head of government, I apologize for the current situation. I will not seek excuses, but I assure you that the causes are being carefully studied,» the appeal says.

I promise that all those responsible, irrespective of their posts, will be punished. At the same time, not ordinary workers will be punished, but the leaders responsible for the energy sector, for the process of preparation for the autumn-winter season in the country, and in Bishkek city as well.

Sapar Isakov

«Law enforcement agencies are involved in investigating the causes of equipment failure at old boiler units of HPP. I want to note that thanks to operation of the modernized part of HPP in a regular mode, it was possible to avoid large-scale consequences. If there had not been a reconstruction, the heating lines would have frozen, serious restrictions on the supply of electricity would have been introduced, other infrastructure facilities would have been damaged, which would have caused even greater damage to the country’s economy,» the Prime Minister said.

Indeed, the crisis revealed problems in the energy sector and once again showed that the entire energy sector of the country needs reforms and upgrading, increase in the level of transparency of decisions made, and improvement of local specialists’ skills.

Sapar Isakov

«The government picked out this work as a priority. At the moment, all state bodies are working in an enhanced mode for the speedy restoration of the city’s heat and water supply system. I thank everyone for understanding and patience,» the address says.