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Nurlan Sadykov: Cold in apartments not reason to increase HPP capacity

Power engineers can not answer why the new equipment of Bishkek Heating and Power Plant is not put to work. Today they organized a press tour for journalists, during which they could not explain why the townspeople were left without heating.

According to Nurlan Sadykov, Deputy Head of the National Energy Holding, the first breakdown was caused by a shortage of water. The boilers had to be stopped. The pump supplying water was repaired, but other failures occurred.

«The level fell with a drop in temperature. The pump was only the problem. The causes will be listed by the commission,» Nurlan Sadykov said.

At present, the Bishkek HPP generates 365 Gcals, 110 of which are generated by the newly modernized unit.

When asked by 24.kg news agency why the more powerful equipment was not fully used, he replied that work is conducted according to the technological regime.

The air temperature in the apartments is not a reason for the capacity increase.

Nurlan Sadykov