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Bishkek HPP breakdown. New HPP unit cannot generate heat

The new unit of the Bishkek Heating and Power Plant cannot generate heat. Own sources informed 24.kg news agency.

It turned out that during the modernization of the heating plant, the Chinese company TBEA was to build a chemical water treatment shop. However, it did not.

There are 16 boilers left on the territory of the old part of the HPP. Power engineers planned to use them during the heating season. Usually 8-9 boilers are used in winter, the rest are in reserve. Yesterday morning the seventh boiler was put into operation. Today, power specialists tried to use one more, but it is defective. It turns out that it was not ready for the heating season.

The boilers of the modernized part of the HPP are not connected to the system at all. They can only generate electricity now. There is no connection between the new unit and the hot water system. They simply did not connected. Tests and check were not carried out.

However, the Director of the Bishkek HPP Omurkul uulu Nurlan refutes this information. He assures us that the new unit is also involved in generation of heat.