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Freezing in Bishkek. Kyrgyz manty replaced the American Miami sun

30-year-old Amanda Moses from Miami (USA) three years ago decided to change her life and for the first time went to work abroad. First, she traveled to Thailand and Poland, then, at the suggestion of the Peace Corps, was unafraid to come to an unknown country — Kyrgyzstan.

— Amanda, what do you do in Kyrgyzstan?

I am an English teacher at the Kyrgyz National University. In addition, I conduct two trainings. One of them is for students, future teachers, and the second is for practicing English teachers.

Amanda Moses
— We discuss their profession, resources and methods of teaching English with them. I like my students, they are very inquisitive.

— Did you have time to see the country?

— I was in Kant and in Tokmak. I climbed Burana tower. I live in Bishkek, but I plan to visit the regions. Friends tell a lot about the tourist places, so I already know what I’m going to see. Everything here is new for me: language, nature, weather, culture and everyday life.

I have talked my relatives and friends from the USA ears off with stories about Kyrgyzstan. They really want to come, but, unfortunately, the air travel is not cheap. I think that Kyrgyzstan should be known all over the world. If the Western countries knew about such a beautiful and hospitable state, they would definitely visit your country.

In a short period I fell in love with the country so much that I think I will repeatedly return here in the future.

— What surprised you in Bishkek?

First of all the people: the city is crowded, but all the people there are friendly and sympathetic. I’m not afraid to ask someone for help here.

Amanda Moses
— There are also cozy coffee houses. I live in a microdistrict and come to the center of Bishkek by minibus. There is no such a transport in the USA. It was difficult for me at first, but then I got used. I often go to Osh market. There you can find everything you need. This place is very colorful, it depicts the life of the people.

— What in Bishkek reminds you of your hometown?

— Miami also has a lot of food and nightclubs. However, the people there are not the same like in Bishkek. Maybe, because the city is big, the residents are more reserved.

But here, especially now, I categorically miss Miami sun. It is very cold in Bishkek in winter. The roads are so slippery that I keep on falling over.

Amanda Moses

— Do you like local cuisine?

— I really like manty with pumpkin. My Kyrgyz family often cooks manty, oromo, lagman, beshbarmak. Of course, I tried to make manty, but I did not succeed. I hope that in the future I will learn to cook something from national cuisine. I really love some dishes and I think I will miss them after I leave.