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Dollar falls in price by other 20 tyiyns in Kyrgyzstan

For a day, U.S. dollar in Kyrgyzstan fell in price by other 20 tyiyns. The exchange rate in purchase of the American currency fell below 67 soms.

Today, the capital’s exchange offices and commercial banks buy the dollar for 67.5-67.9 soms and sell — for 68.2-68.4 soms. The nominal rate is set at 69,3443 soms. U.S. dollar in Kyrgyzstan is getting cheaper from the beginning of January. Only for two weeks the currency lost 1.2 soms in price. Since the beginning of this week, it has fallen in price by 40 tyiyns.

Despite the sharp drop in the dollar’s exchange rate, the National Bank remains silent. It does not conduct interventions. Since the beginning of the year, the National Bank has entered the foreign exchange market only once, having sold $ 5.4 million.