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Budget deficit in Kyrgyzstan in 2017 amounts to 17.4 bln soms

According to the Central Treasury, Kyrgyzstan’s budget deficit in 2017 amounted to 17,388.3 billion soms. The Ministry of Finance of the country reported.

The revenues of the republican budget amounted to 134,595 billion soms, expenses — 151,983.3 billion. The deficit of the treasury was covered with a margin.

Sources of coverage of the deficit amounted to 21,679.6 billion soms, including domestic — 4,118.2 billion, external — 17,561.4 billion.

In the approved draft budget, its deficit was expected at the level of 21,444.1 billion soms, or 3.4 percent of GDP. In fact, it turned out to be less by 4,055.8 billion.