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Reduction of licensed types of activities proposed in Kyrgyzstan

It is proposed to reduce the number of licensed types of activities in Kyrgyzstan. Economy Minister Artem Novikov told today at a parliament session.

According to him, over the past three years, the regulatory framework that regulates entrepreneurial activities has changed. The license is issued for activity, and a permit — for a separate type of actions in the process of activity. There are differences between them when issuing, re-issuing, conducting control, in the grounds of refusal of license issue.

«In this regard, it is necessary to clearly separate licenses and permits with a view to legally accurate presentation and setting justified requirements to them,» Artem Novikov explained.

He added that the Ministry of Economy proposes to reduce the number of licensed types of activity from 66 to 62, and permits — from 33 to 26. In addition, an automated information system for the issuance of licenses and permits in electronic form will be introduced.