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New landfill in Bishkek. What EBRD's money was spent on?

The Bishkek City Administration told 24.kg news agency what the grant and credit funds of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) have been spent on.

According to the City Administration, within the first phase of the project, special machinery was purchased: 28 garbage trucks, 3 road-combination machines, a bulldozer, a backhoe loader. At least 5,400 trash containers were purchased, container platforms are being built.

A contract for designing and construction of a new landfill was signed in March 2017, in July — for closure and reclamation of the existing landfill. Six units of special equipment have already been delivered for reclamation.

In the near future, it is planned to hold a tender for the construction of a garbage sorting and composting plant.

The City Administration noted that the fulfillment of credit obligations to EBRD began in July 2016. During this time, more than 50 million soms have been paid off.

Earlier it was reported that the Bishkek City Administration did not fit EBRD’s timetable for the project. Penalties for not used in time funds are already paid.

The City Administration still did not report on the amount of fines that the Kyrgyz side has to pay.