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Kyrgyzstan refuses meat from China

Situation in the food and processing industry is discussed today at a session of SDPK parliamentary faction.

Deputy Agriculture Minister Erkin Chodoev reported that 250,000 tons of meat are produced annually in Kyrgyzstan.

971 tons of the meat are exported. Nevertheless, Kyrgyzstan continues to purchase meat products. At present, the main suppliers are Kazakhstan and Russia. A few meat is supplied by Ukraine.

Kyrgyzstan refused meat from China. As the official explained, the meat from the PRC does not correspond to the standards acting on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Deputies believe that in Kyrgyzstan, where livestock breeding has always been one of the priority areas of agriculture, the meat processing industry remains at a very low level. There are no slaughterhouses; there are not enough laboratories with modern equipment to check the imported meat.