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Illegal buildings along roadsides to be demolished

Buildings, including residential buildings, kiosks and pavilions along roadsides, if they threaten traffic safety, will be demolished. The head of the Ministry of Transport and Roads Zhamshitbek Kalilov told today in Parliament.

Amendments to the Law on Roads have been submitted to the house of the Parliament in the first reading to bring the document in line with the norms of the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The official explained that it was about new roads, which would necessarily have roadside strips. A member of Onuguu-Progress faction, Iskhak Masaliev, asked whether damage of dismantling such facilities will be compensated and whether there are already calculations, at least preliminary ones.

We'll count everything. Compensation will be only if a house, shop or cafe was erected legally.

Zhamshitbek Kalilov

He added that the size of a roadside strip would depend on the road category. The Minister stressed that the presence of such a strip is one of the requirements of EEU technical regulations.