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Supreme Court obliges Mavlyan Askarbekov to apologize to deputy on Facebook

The Supreme Court obliged a civil activist Mavlyan Askarbekov to apologize on Facebook to a member of the SDPK parliamentary faction, Dastan Bekeshev. The deputy told to 24.kg news agency.

According to him, as a result, the defendant should pay to the state 700 soms and write a refutation to his post on the social network.

Earlier Mavlyan Askarbekov told 24.kg news agency that he had fulfilled all the court’s orders. After the decision of the second instance court, he paid the fees and placed the corresponding post, but in closed regime. That is, no one else can see it except for the author.

«I think this is completely wrong. He publicly insulted me and slandered me, let him publicly apologize,» said Dastan Bekeshev.

After the verdict of the Supreme Court, Mavlyan Askarbekov must post a refutation and publicly apologize.

Dastan Bekeshev

The deputy said earlier that he did not need money and he demands from the activist only official explanations for allegedly offensive post on Facebook. Mavlyan Askarbekov, on the contrary, promised to prove in court that the deputy insulted him.

According to the deputy, two local Internet media, which republished the post of Mavlyan Askarbekov from social networks, had earlier apologized to him.