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Head of agency tells about corruption in Social Fund of Kyrgyzstan

The head of the Social Fund of Kyrgyzstan Tenizbek Abzhaparov told about corruption risks in the agency. He told this today at the session of the Parliament.

According to Tenizbek Abzhaparov, citizens bring to the Social Fund fake certificates on work experience and payments. This happens in cases when there is no data about a person in the archive.

The government is actively working on the implementation of Taza Koom project. We will have a single database. Then the corruption element will be eradicated.

Tenizbek Abzhaparov

«As of today, the internal audit of the service is carried out regarding the calculation of pensions in previous years. If there is a mistake of our employees, we restore pension. There were cases when our employees were involved in corruption. There are risks in payment of pensions through «Kyrgyz Pochtasy,» when postmen do not deliver them on time. We are now working on this issue,» concluded Tenizbek Abzhaparov.