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Deputies suggest to introduce e-employment record books in Kyrgyzstan

Deputies of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan suggest switching to electronic employment record books. Dastan Bekeshev and Elvira Surabaldieva voiced such an idea today at the parliament meeting.

Dastan Bekeshev stressed that many post-Soviet countries, including Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, switch to electronic employment record books. There is no such a notion in Europe and the US.

If we do not think about it, then we will fall behind. If a person in Russia presents a paper employment record book, which we have now, he will simply be told that he is showing a document of the last century.

Dastan Bekeshev

The deputy Elvira Surabaldieva also agreed with her colleague.

«There can be different situations. There are cases when people lose their books, and someone cannot get it because the relations with the leadership have deteriorated. Sometimes, after all, workers even have to sue,» Elvira Surabaldieva said.

The Chairman of the Social Fund, Tenizbek Abzhaparov, said that the agency could implement this idea.

«We have a database of individuals and legal entities, but the problem is not only in the Social Fund. Everything should be interconnected with other ministries and departments,» said Tenizbek Abzhaparov.