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Smallest pension in Kyrgyzstan – 1,800 soms

The smallest pension in Kyrgyzstan is 1,800 soms. The Chairman of the Social Fund Tenizbek Abzhaliev reported at the session of the Parliament today.

According to him, as of January 1, there are 630,000 pensioners in Kyrgyzstan. Each year, their number increases by 100,000-120,000, but not everyone gets a decent pension, the official said.

Those who do not have working experience, receive an old-age allowance after 65 years old. Those who have incomplete work experience and small deductions to the Social Fund have the smallest pensions. It is 1,800 soms.

Tenizbek Abzhaliev

«Teachers and doctors have an average pension of 3,000-3,500 soms. But this is the same pension as other categories of citizens get,» Tenizbek Abzhaliev said.

The deputies are considering a bill, which proposes to entrust the Social Fund with collecting documents for calculating pensions.