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Parents in Kyrgyzstan refuse to vaccinate children because of religion

At least 1,200 children remained unvaccinated in Kyrgyzstan. Parents refused to vaccinate them against measles and flu because of religious beliefs.

The head of the Republican Center for Immunoprophylaxis, Zholdosh Kalilov, told 24.kg news agency that awareness-rising work was carried out with such married couples, and explained that the number of such people is declining from year to tear. The highest rate was in 2012. Then more than 4,000 people refused to vaccinate their children. As of today, 96.8 percent of the population are vaccinated.

Earlier, the theologian Kadyr Malikov explained that refusal of vaccinations by people has nothing to do with religion. «Unfortunately, the refusal of vaccination is the human factor, which has nothing to do with faith. There are also such people among the Christians. This is due to the doubt of citizens in quality of a vaccine and understanding of the theory of the so-called big conspiracy,» he said.

Another reason for refusal in Kadyr Malikov’s opinion is the lack of education of the population.