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Kyrgyzstan needs to develop own organ transplantation system

«Kyrgyzstan needs to develop its system of organ transplantation,» Uran Ibraimov, chairman of Hope for Life NGO, said today at a press conference in 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the state spends about $ 13,000 annually to support one hemodialysis patient. At the same time, costs can be reduced to $ 5,000 if the transplantation system is developing.

Up to date, only 24 kidney transplantation surgeries have been performed in Kyrgyzstan.

«We need to open a special center, where the necessary tests, treatment and operations are carried out. We should develop transplantology. It is necessary to purchase the appropriate equipment for this purpose. If there are no organs for transplantation, we must engage in transplantation from dead people. Such a system has long been successfully used in neighboring countries, for example, in Russia,» Uran Ibraimov stated.