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All imported or produced in EEU cars must comply with Euro 5 standard

From January 1, 2018, all types of vehicles, including cargo and passenger vehicles produced or imported into the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), will correspond to the fifth ecological class (analogue to Euro 5 standard). The Eurasian Economic Commission reported.

According to it, starting from January 1, 2015, new models of cars that had not been produced in the territory of EEU should correspond to the ecological class 5. In 2016, this requirement was extended to all new passenger cars (excluding cross-country vehicles) produced in the territory of EEU or imported from the third countries.

The EEC noted that the new requirement would 1.5 times reduce the content of harmful (polluting) substances in the exhaust emissions of new vehicles.

«In addition to the obvious positive environmental effect, the entry into force of strict regulations will allow stimulate the production of modern types of vehicles and technologies in engine building. In addition, there is an opportunity to create new productions, primarily in the field of manufacturing components,» the commission commented.

The exception to the rules of technical regulations is made for citizens of the countries of the union. They can import cars for personal use, which correspond to an ecological class not lower than the 4th one. However, these vehicles must meet other norms and requirements of the document, in particular, to have so-called alarm buttons (a system module for a call to emergency response services).