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Road to Chunkurchak gorge must be rebuilt due to landslide threat

Change in the direction of the road to Chunkurchak gorge must be considered because of a landslide threat. Deputy Aida Ismailova informed today at a session of the Parliament.

The length of the road is 1.6 kilometers. There had already been a landslide. Emergency was prevented, no one suffered.

As the deputy noted, the road has been expanded because of recreation centers (Supara-2 and Kyrgyz Aiyly), transport traffic increased, the road is destroying. There may be a treat of another landslide.

«Recreation centers may be covered by a landslide. The Ministry of Emergency Situations must answer how dangerous the current situation is. Several years ago, the landslide stopped near Supara complex. I believe that it is necessary to consider moving the road away from the dangerous area,» Aida Ismailova said.