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Uzbekistan wants to dress deputies in national clothing

Uzbekistan wants to oblige deputies to wear national clothing. An Associate Professor of the National University of Uzbekistan, Deputy Director of the Center for Innovative Technologies, Miryakub Khaidarov came up with such proposal. Radio Ozodlik reported.

Miryakub Khaidarov proposes to prohibit the deputies of the Oliy Majlis to wear European clothes. In his opinion, the Uzbeks should return to national values ​​and traditions. The deputies should be the first to start this, putting on national clothes to work. For example, they will wear silk chapans in summer and woolen or velvet chepkens — in winter.

«It is better for representative bodies to be in the traditional clothing of the regions they represent. Naturally, Fergana residents will differ from Surkhandarya representatives, and those from the Khorezmians. If the provision, that obliges deputies to attend meetings in specially approved national clothes, was approved, the appearance of the Oliy Majlis would be transformed,» Miryakub Khaidarov said.

As Ozodlik reported, the Uzbek Parliament has representatives of different nationalities. Miryakub Khaidarov believes: they themselves must decide what to wear.

The scientist also proposes to introduce national elements that depict the national spirit into the school uniform of Uzbekistan.

In Kyrgyzstan, a MP drafted a bill that should oblige the President, the Speaker of the Parliament, vice-speakers, deputies, the Prime Minister, heads of ministries and members of official delegations to wear ak-kalpak during official receptions and visits to foreign countries.