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Kyrgyzstanis win silver at International Snow Sculpture Festival

Photo NGS.Novosti. Work of Kyrgyzstanis

An International Snow Sculpture Festival ended in Novosibirsk city (Russia). Masters from Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and the Russian Gorno-Altaysk got awards. NGS.Novosti reported.

At least 15 teams from four countries participated in the festival, which was held in Novosibirsk for the 18th time. This year, its theme was the history of the city. The sculptors began their work on January 4, and some of the participants were finishing their sculptures right up to the official ceremony of announcement of the results.

Photo NGS.Novosti. Work of Mongolian team (1st place)

Children’s teams also participated in the festival. All of them received certificates of honor.

According to the rules of the competition, the organizers provided each participant with a snow block with a height of 3 meters and simple tools for work: scrapers and shovels. Use of electric tools, paint and electric lighting devices for decoration was prohibited.

Photo NGS.Novosti. Work of Russian masters

Sculptures will decorate Pervomaisky park of Novosibirsk until the end of January.