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Kyrgyzstan gets €10 million grant for education support

Kyrgyzstan received a grant of €10 million from the European Union for budgetary support of the educational sector. Press service of the Ministry of Finance reported.

The allocated funds are a part of the budgetary support program of €36 million. The money is allocated to the government to help with implementation of the strategy for the development of education until 2020.

«The goal of the program is to assist in reforming the systems of general and vocational education, improving the quality of education and pedagogical standards as well as the management of public finances. In addition, the funds will be spent on the purchase of textbooks, financing the system of preschool education and connecting schools to the Internet,» the Ministry of Finance commented.

The EU will also provide technical assistance and hold trainings for the staff of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and the Public Council under the Ministry of Education in addition to budgetary support.