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Migrants should receive biometric passports for free in 2018

«Migrants in Russia should receive biometric passports free of charge in 2018,» MP Karamat Orozova said at the session of the parliament today.

Deputies are considering the ratification of the agreement between Kyrgyzstan and Russia, which involves the opening of representative offices of migration departments. It is planned that they will be opened in nine federal districts of the Russian Federation. Employees of the State Migration Service will receive diplomatic status.

Karamat Orozova noted that those who live and work in Russia couldn’t change their usual passports to biometric ones in 2017. The Deputy proposed to open passport offices in the offices of the State Migration Service and allow citizens to obtain new passports for free.

Deputy Ainuru Altybaeva proposed to raise the status of the State Service of Migration to the level of the ministry. According to her, the problems of foreign workers of Kyrgyzstan should be solved at the government level.