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Deputies propose to simplify tax system in Kyrgyzstan

Deputy Ekmat Baibakpaev suggested the Ministry of Economy to simplify the tax system in the country. He stated this today at the session of the Parliament.

According to him, today the Ministry of Economics proposed a program for fiscalization of the taxation system. There are many innovations related to the introduction of electronic document management and patenting. But the parliament member is sure that the majority of taxpayers will not even understand what amendments are being proposed.

«You are talking about electronic patents and so on, but it is unclear how the tax is calculated. Who will do this? People simply don’t know how taxes are calculated. It’s possible to change the system, simplify it. There are many examples in the world,» the deputy suggested.

The Minister of Economy said that the agency is ready to consider the proposal.

«A commission has been set up to develop a new concept of fiscal policy. We will discuss all possible mechanisms in the framework of its work,» Artem Novikov concluded.