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80 percent of schools in Kyrgyzstan switched to five-day study week

Up to date,  80 percent of schools in Kyrgyzstan have switched to a five-day study week in testing mode, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science Kalysbek Shadykhanov said today at the session of the Parliament.

According to him, currently 446 schools study in one shift, 159 more schools — in three shifts. In case of adoption of amendments to the law on education and the transition to a five-day study week, the Ministry of Education is ready to revise the curricula so that the teaching load does not decrease.

The department is sure that after the refusal of studies on Saturday, the quality of education will not suffer, as well as the salary of teachers.

MP Rada Tumanbaeva asked if there would be problems with switching to a five-day study week and whether the children would stay unsupervised on Saturdays.

«Teachers also have labor rights. Why do deputies work five days a week, and teachers six? Today we put everything on the school. The school is obliged to feed, teach, educate. We scold a teacher, if he looked at the child in different way. What about parents? They should bring up their child,» the initiator of the bill Dastan Bekeshev said.

Throughout the world, the educational process is built in such a way that children are more independent. But here we should explain everything, chew it and put it the mouth.

Dastan Bekeshev

He said that if the amendments to the law on education are adopted, the document would come into force on September 1, 2018.