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Protest against recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel held in Bishkek

Protest against recognition Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by the US authorities is held in Bishkek Park named after Gorky.

Recall, on December 6, US President Donald Trump announced the official recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and instructed the Department of State to transfer there the US Embassy from Tel Aviv.

«All the countries of the world do not recognize the Israeli occupation of Jerusalem and consider the status of the city as one of the key problems of the Middle East conflict. The situation in the Middle East will undergo serious changes, influencing the international situation in the world, the security and stability of the Islamic world. This problem has already led to an escalation of tensions in the region and violence, to clashes and human casualties in Israel,» one of the organizers of today’s rally Kadyr Malikov posted on Facebook.

Historically, Jerusalem is the center of three religions. And for every Muslim of the three holy places (after Mecca and Medina) there was always Jerusalem with Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Kadyr Malikov

He has not yet appeared at the rally. Because of the Friday prayer, the rally began an hour later.