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Official knows how to help migrant workers

Chairman of the State Migration Service Medetbek Aidaraliev told how to help migrants and facilitate their life when they work abroad. The official said this today at the parliamentary hearings on the support of compatriots.

According to him, now our citizens are registered at the place of residence. But it would be more convenient if the registration was conducted at the place of work. This issue has already been submitted for consideration by the EEU partners. In addition, today, migrants are given 15 days to find work not to leave the country. This period is proposed to be increased to 30 days.

«It will be easier to deliver cargo-200 to Kyrgyzstan. Now, instead of ten documents, only two documents will need to be submitted — a certificate of death and a power of attorney for the exporting person. On the third day, compensation will be transferred to the consulate,» Medetbek Aidaraliev said.