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Affiliated persons of procuring entities to be kept out of public procurement

Affiliated persons of procuring entities will be kept out of public procurement. Amendments to the law were considered today at a meeting of the Parliament in the first reading.

According to the deputies-initiators, crimes in the sphere of public procurement are especially dangerous for the public.

«This is connected not only with the fact that the state budget is being plundered, but also because officials of various ranks are usually their active participants. That is the people who are vested with power and are called to stand guard over state and public interests. Various corruption schemes (bribes, payoffs) accompanying such crimes, first of all undermine the authority of the state authorities,» background statement says.

The draft law assumes that suppliers included in the database of unfair contractors are not allowed to participate in public procurement, and also if the founders, members of the supplier’s management, are affiliated persons of the procuring entities.