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Builders of Balykchi – Korumdu road not paid salary for 6 months

Construction of Balykchi — Korumdu road was stopped. 500 workers remain without salary for six months. This was announced today at a press conference in 24.kg news agency.

The construction company Long Hai (PRC) won the tender for the road construction.

«We want to turn to the government, deputies and all those who are interested in the strategic road with the last hope before the New Year. We are upset that workers are not paid wages for five months. We verbally addressed the company’s management, but in response we heard that the country’s leadership does not transfer money for the salary. We appealed to the Ministry of Transport and the government with official letters, but have not received a clear answer so far,» Beyshekadyr Sarybaev, Chairman of the Trade Union Committee of Long Hai company told.

The salary of workers is from 12,000 to 20,000 soms. We agreed on this, although the work is hard, we do it in any weather conditions.

Beyshekadyr Sarybaev

He noted that the workers are not aware when the construction of the road will resume. «The management of the Chinese company refers to the leadership of Kyrgyzstan, and our officials — to the lack of funds. Under the terms of the agreement, 85-90 percent of workers are Kyrgyz citizens, and the remaining 5-10 percent are the Chinese. The majority of workers have loans and can not repay them on time,» the Chairman of the Trade Union Committee added.

«Late payment of wages causes the reduction in the taxes and social contributions that are spent on the payment of benefits and pensions to Kyrgyz people. We want to build a quality road, so that the tourists can use good highways. The delay in finances will affect the quality. The Prime Minister said that in September the 3rd World Nomad Games will be held. But will we have time to open the road by this moment? The question is rhetorical,» Beyshekadyr Sarybaev said.