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Russian publishing houses to be involved in replication of textbooks in KR

Russian publishing houses will be involved in replication of textbooks in Kyrgyzstan. The Ministry of Education and Science informed 24.kg news agency.

According to the representatives of the ministry, the situation with the provision of primary schools with new textbooks looks more or less favorable.

More than 30 types of new generation textbooks for 5-9 grades are being tested.

«Writing a book is a very complicated procedure that takes time. We need appropriate authors. Why should we reinvent the wheel? If we do not have any books, we can look at well-proven textbooks in other countries. We found a solution, and there are already preliminary agreements with two Russian publishing houses. Since January, we will work on the issue of publishing Russian textbooks, but adapted to our conditions. Representative offices of these publishing houses will be able to participate in our competitions,» the Ministry of Education explained.

Secondary schools are 83 percent provided with textbooks. In 2010, this figure was 58 percent.