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Sapar Isakov ready for resistance against Taza Koom

The Prime Minister is ready that one not always will be ready to implement Taza Koom program. Sapar Isakov said today at an international conference on Taza Koom project.

The head of the Cabinet once again recalled that today the government has directed all efforts to implement Taza Koom. This work will require a lot of effort. But there will also be barriers that exist all over the world with digitalization — lack of financial resources, human resources, regulatory and legal framework. But problems need to be solved so that citizens feel the shifts in the country.

«What we do will be unpopular. I will honestly say that there will be a lot of resistance, difficulties, censures. Sometimes we will also face the fact that there will be even certain political statements and actions against the government. But we must be together to cope with it. Great changes are coming. Hope they will bring a lot of good to the country, so that we become leaders in the development of the digital economy. I dream about this, that we set an example for the whole world, how Kyrgyzstan will break out and show staggering results. I believe in this,» Sapar Isakov concluded.