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Kyrgyzstan plans to introduce tax on idle enterprises

«What kind of work will be carried out on idle enterprises?» MP Aliyarbek Abzhaliyev asked today at the parliament session.

The head of the State Property Management Fund Duishenbek Zilaliev named three large objects: Aidarken industrial complex, Kyzyl-Kiya tobacco fermentation and Kainda cable plants.

«Work on these three enterprises is currently carried out. An investor for Aidarken plant was found. The cable factory is put up for sale, the evaluation comes to an end. We want to work out a program for the rest of the idle enterprises,» he said.

«I used to work closely on this issue. The experience of other countries will be used. If privatized enterprises are still idle, then we will introduce a tax on the idle time for their owners. But this is only an idea so far. If we introduce a fee that is increased from year to year, there will be no idle enterprises or they will have owners who will work,» Duishenbek Zilaliev added.